Dual Technology

ALL-IN-ONE Solution

An integrated product that merges a digital signage display with an air purifier & sterilizer device.
In an era of widespread infections, this product is essential for maintain a healthy lifestyle and
is suitable for indoor facilities with multiple uses, such as shopping malls, cafes, airports, and hotels.


Ensuring safe
advertisement is essential

You can enjoy advertisements for a longer period of time without
any worries as our ADVERTIZER sterilizer create a pleasant
and safe environment in areas with high foot traffic.


  • LAS1001

    Using smart mirror glass that changes its appearance based on the location; you can enjoy an interior design effect that seamlessly blends in with the surrounding environment making it suitable for placement in any indoor setting.

Core Value

ADVERTIZER is different

ADVERTIZER provides an all-in-one solution by combining air purification & sterilization
with the ability to display advertisements on dual screen, as well as offering touch panel
controls to mange some of the device’s functions.


Explore the exceptional technological capabilities of ADVERTIZER


ADVERTIZER is an ideal product for use in public spaces


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