Is your indoor air safe?

According to environmental statistics, most people spend approximately 90%
of their time indoors. However, indoor environments are prone to numerous
forms of indoor air pollutions and various air pollutants such as fine dusts,
bad odors, bacteria and viruses exists in the majority of indoor places and
thrive, constantly threatening our health.

These indoor pollutants exert terrible effects on people’s respiratory and
could cause headaches, mental stress, and induce a series of health difficulties.


All-In-One solution

While air purifiers can help improve indoor air quality, they often
fall short when it comes to eliminating harmful viruses and odors.
ADVERTIZER, on the other hand, offers a complete solutionby purifying
the air and effectively removing a variety of odors and floating viruses
that can pose a threat to our health.

This is achieved through the use of a highly reactive hydroxyl
radical (-OH) generator, which sterilizes and deodorizes the air.

What sets

  • ALL-IN-ONE Air Purification
    & Sterilization System

    Through its triple composite filter and patented sterilization technology, ADVERTIZER is able to purify, deodorize, and sterilize the air by breaking down and eliminating harmful particles such as fine dust, viruses, and bacteria.

  • Digital Signage

    Supports dual displays for effective advertising and easy content management, as well as smart remote control for convenient operation.

  • Air Quality Management

    Equipped with an IAQ indicator that measures the levels of fine dust and TVOC, and adjusts the air quality accordingly.

Special Tech

Air Purification & Sterilization System

ADVERTIZER uses a patented sterilization module and triple filtration system for dual purification
and sterilization of indoor air, going beyond traditional filter-based air purifiers.

힐링에어 사진1
Cleaner air with
triple filter system
  • 1ST.



  • Primary filter eliminates large particles, floating substances, and pollen.

    Activated carbon filter eliminates various odors including harmful gases and household odors.

    HEPA filter (H13) removes ultrafine particles, microscopic dust, and organic compounds.

  • 1ST, 

    Primary filter eliminates large particles, floating substances, and pollen.

  • 2ND, 

    Activated carbon filter eliminates various odors including harmful gases and household odors.

  • 3RD, 

    HEPA filter (H13) removes ultrafine particles, microscopic dust, and organic compounds.

힐링에어 사진2
Photocatalytic filter for
air sterilization and simultaneous removal of harmful gases

When the titanium dioxide photocatalytic filter and UV-A LED work together, they create OH radicals that pass through six stages of air flow, enabling sterilization and removal of harmful gases.

OH radicals have excellent ability to decompose volatile organic compounds and are harmless to the human body. They can effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, and odor substances present in the large air space and surface by destroying the molecular bonds.

Signage Tech
  • Dual-Display

  • CMS Support

  • Remote Access

  • USB Update

  • Built-in Stereo

  • Dual-Display

    Maximize information and ad delivery with 43’’ and 15.6’’ display

  • CMS Support (Content Management System)

    A system for managing signage content, allowing for the free creation, editing, and arrangement of content to be produced and displayed.

  • Remote Access

    Power ON/OFF, Remote management and control is available for various functions, including changing operation modes, collecting air quality data, performing self-diagnosis, replacing content, and scheduling.

  • USB Update

    In situations where establishing an online network environment is difficult, content management and updates can be conveniently performed via USB memory.

  • Built-in Stereo (Full Range Speaker)

    It can also function as an indoor sound system by utilizing a high-end full-range speaker unit enable expressing all sound ranges and delivering rich sound.

Excellent Tech
  • Airflow Control

  • Notification

  • Air Quality Monitor

  • Auto Operation

  • Airflow Control

    With five different wind speed options, the device's icon changes color to correspond with each level, making it easy for users to see the adjustment you've made.

  • Notification

    To indicate when it's time to replace the filter or perform a system check, the device will activate the icon lamp and display a status notification.

  • Air Quality Monitor

    Equipped with an air quality sensor that can detect fine dust, TVOC, and temperature/humidity levels, allowing it to accurately measure the quality of indoor air. Results are displayed in numeric form on the front LCD screen, as well as through LED colors on the top of the device.

  • Auto Operation

    The device enhances indoor air quality by automatically regulating fan speed in response to varying levels of air pollution.


Discover the unique features of ADVERTIZER

  • 1Size

    650(W) x 360(D) x 1790(H)mm
  • 2Weight

  • 3Room Coverage

  • 4Power Consumption

    220V, 60Hz, 230W
  • 5Color

    Smart Mirror
  • 6Material

    Aluminum anodizing
  • 7Wheels

    Wheels can be fixed
  • 8Air Supply

    BLDC Fan / TOP 3Way [Front, Left, Right sides]
  • 9Filter

    Composite filter 2EA [Medium·Activated carbon·HEPA filter]
  • 10Sterilization · Deodorization

    Sterilization module 2SET
  • 11Operation

    Touch button
  • 12Notification

    - Notification : LOGO light
    - Operation Notification : 5-level LED blinking
    - Air Outlet LED, Inspection alert : illuminate [FAN, UV, FILTER]
  • 13Display

    - Upper : 43inch TFT LCD
    - Lower : 15.6inch TFT LCD
  • 14Speaker

    15W X 1EA
  • 15Storage capacity

  • 16Air quality display

    LED color + LCD numerical display
  • 17CMS

  • 18G2B Item Code

  • 19S2B Item Code