Portable Cup

Embark on vibrant lifestyle.

Coffee has become an integral part of our daily routines, and starting the day with
a cup is a commonplace occurrence. The streets are adorned with coffee shops,
their alluring fragrance filling the air and creating an inviting atmosphere.
However, the surge in coffee consumption has resulted in an increase in the number
of disposable cups being discarded on the streets, causing environmental concerns.
To address this issue, HARINK has developed a reusable portable cup as an eco-friendly
alternative to disposable ones, emphasizing the importance of being environmentally conscious.


For meticulous you

Introducing you to the HARINK Real Wood Cup, an extraordinary masterpiece that embodies
the incomparable luxury of North American walnut and is thoughtfully crafted with a premium,
food-grade silicone construction to guarantee your safety and satisfaction.


Elevate your style

HARINK is more than just functional – we are a style leader, constantly pushing
the boundaries with our unique designs and choice of materials.

Heritage of Harink

Bringing together
elegance and safety

HARINK embodies the spirit of heritage in its hand-carved
wood construction, and is designed for convenient assembly
and disassembly. It features a food-grade silicone material
for added safety and peace of mind.

  • 01

    The unmatched luxury
    of North American walnut

    Crafted from premium North American walnut, this durable wood boasts a high density that ensures resistance to warping and bending even with prolonged use. (Applied to the lid and body cover)

  • 02

    Made with food-grade silicone

    Our product's main body is made from a food-grade silicone material that is both washable and easy to fold, providing added convenience and safety.

  • 03

    Ultimate Portability

    The HARINK Real Wood, made from silicone, can be easily folded and stored in a bag or purse, providing excellent portability. Its folded height is approximately 56mm, making it a highly convenient option for those on the go.


HARINK's unique qualities


Join the growing trend of using personal tumblers to protect the environment with HARINK Real Wood,
which offers a sustainable solution to reducing your carbon footprint with the ability to be recycled
up to 10,000 times. HARINK is also built with an easy-to-disassemble structure of five parts,
enabling convenient maintenance and ensuring it is always prepared to return to nature.


To a Loved one

HARINK Real Wood make an exceptional gift that your loved ones will appreciate
and cherish for years to come, as it adds to your passionate elegance and vision.

Category Portable Real Wood Cup
Material North American walnut, Silicon, PP
Capacity/Size 460ml / Width 100mm / Height 145mm
Manufacturing company Evertree
Country of Manufacture South Korea
Color Black (Walnut) / White (Oak)
Warranty policy Our quality guarantee policy allows for exchange or return within 7 days of purchase in the event of any product defects

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