Desk Tray

Experience a new level of sensory delight
in any space with HARINK’s unique item.

Design Space

Enhance any space with the sophisticated
touch of HARINK’S Desk Tray.


A luxurious desk tray meticulously handcrafted with
intricate and durable walnut wood, complemented
by aged brass for touch of elegance.

Heritage of Harink

Efficiently organize
range of items

Easily and elegantly organize
a diverse range of frequently used items.

  • Desk Tray

  • Desk Tray


The HARINK desk tray is an eco-friendly product crafted
from natural wood and recyclable brass material.

Category Real Wood Desk Tray
Material Wood, Brass
Size Width 500mm / Length 110mm / Hight 110mm
Manufacturing company Evertree
Country of Manufacture South Korea
품질보증기준 Our quality guarantee policy allows for exchange or return within 7 days of purchase in the event of any product defects

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